Emily is a University of Plymouth biosciences graduate. Go Plymouth asked her how she found the city’s nightlife…

Plymouth’s nightlife surpassed my expectations and is what attracts many prospective students.

The UPSU (University of Plymouth Students’ Union) is located underground at the centre of campus and offers cheap drinks on a nightly basis as well as themed events, such as bar FTSE where drink prices rise and fall depending on sales, as well as live performances and celebrity appearances. Cuba

Most big clubs in the city charge around £5 admission on weekends so the student union is a good alternative for Friday and Saturday nights out.

During the week there are official student nights at four of the biggest clubs in Plymouth. On Mondays, Oceana is the place to be as they offer free entry and cheap drinks earlier on in the night to anyone with University of Plymouth student ID.

There’s a free bus for students running from campus to Oceana every 10-15 mins until midnight on Monday nights.

On Tuesdays the Australian themed club Walkabout in Union Street has a similar student night with various drink promotions. C103 further down Union Street is inundated with students on Wednesday nights although the sticky floors and generally grimy atmosphere doesn’t appeal to everyone! There’s no bus service to C103 and as it’s in what is generally regarded as the worst end of town I would advise taking taxis to and from it unless you’re in the safety of a large group.

Thursdays are a slightly more classy affair as Revolution at Derry’s Cross offers a wide selection of cocktails, pizza and haircuts to the students of Plymouth - a bizarre combination but probably my favourite official student night.

There’s a large choice of bars and pubs on North Hill and around campus. Cuba is a cafe by day which morphs into a mini nightclub after dark and is open until 4am on week nights and 5am on Fridays and Saturdays. This is a common last stop on the way home for many students and the queue can get a bit much later on in the night although there’s no charge for admission.

Firefly is nextdoor and offers a “Hip-hop, Electro, Breaks, Drum’n’base and everything in between” night in the form of Wonkey legs on Mondays.

“Pound a pint nights” are offered at Roundabout on Tuesdays and Mousetrap on Thursdays with selected drinks available for £1.


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