University of Plymouth graduation on the HoeEmily spent her teenage years in Spain where she attended an international school. She visited several UK universities before deciding the University of Plymouth was where she wanted to study for her biosciences degree. Here she explains the reasons for her choice… 

‘One of the reasons I chose the University of Plymouth was because of the obvious effort that was put into organising the open day when I visited. 

The course representatives, including lecturers and current students, went to great lengths to provide an honest and enthusiastic overview – both of the courses on offer and general life in Plymouth. This was in marked contrast to other universities I had visited in the UK which, although considered more prestigious, seemed content to let their reputation do the talking and put very little effort into making us feel welcome or valued.

The location of the main campus, in the centre of a city with a thriving student population, was point two in the University of Plymouth’s favour.

Although I chose not to live in halls, these seemed comfortable and very reasonably priced. There’s a large number of university approved, privately owned houses bordering campus which offer accommodation for groups of students from all years. These are very affordable particularly when compared with the accommodation offered at other universities I visited.

Although in the city centre, the sea is just a 15 minute walk from the main campus and can be admired from the expansive lawns of The Hoe - the ideal spot for picnics and barbecues with friends or just to relax when studying gets too intense.

Dartmoor national park is just a short drive away helping to ease the sense of claustrophobia characteristic of many big cities.

North Hill, the main road which runs through the middle of campus and the student village, has a selection of bars and cafes to suit all tastes and many of these are open until 5am and beyond on weekends. There are student nights at different clubs around the city practically every night of the week offering cheap drinks, themed events and giveaways.

The Students’ Union (UPSU) also has a great selection of events and cheap drinks as well as providing valuable support and advice for anyone who needs help.’